WCF question!



This is a newbie question on WCF. I would like to know, is it possible
to host WCF web services where there is no IIS installed? What is the
bare requirement to have WCF service hosted on a box? So far what I
read, all I need is framework 3.5. Is that right? I do not need IIS

Marc Gravell

Correct. There are templates in Visual Studio (2008, or 2005 with the
WCF extensions installed) that host WCF in a service; in 2008 the
template is called "WCF Service Application" to demonstrate this (I
don't have 2005 handy, but it is probably the same). You can also host
simply in a console exe using the same approach.

Note that https (for transport-security) is /considerably/ easier to
configure with IIS, but if you are using message-security instead you
should be fine.


Marc Gravell

Also - further to my last post, note that WCF is .NET 3.0; you don't
need .NET 3.5 unless you are using the new WCF/WF bridge.


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