WCF Performance Counter issues


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Iam monitoring the performance of WCF Application. I have added the WCF Counters ServiceModelEndPoint/Operation/Service. Of these three counters, when i start the perfmon the values for ServiceModelEndPoint and ServiceModelService are logging in the perflogs. The ServiceModelOperation counters are alone not logging in the perflogs.

Have anybody come across this kind of issue.

Issue Faced:

Initially i went into an issue with the size allocated for these counters and added around '20000000' bytes to each counter( FileMappingSize attribute added against each counter in Registry) by analysing the application event errors logged thru event viewer.

Referred this site:

Still iam getting an issue like

" Connect into shared memory was failed !
Error code : 0x8007000e
Error description : Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

Date: "" Source: WMIAdapter"

Iam not able to fix this issue.

Went through Another Approach:

And so i moved the WCF service to another server, where i didnt get these kinds of memory issues on running the perfmon for this specific WCF Application. The Event's Logged are clean with no errors. Even then the ServiceModelOperation counters are not logged in the perflogs.

Thanks in Advance.


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