Wayne-i-m or someone else for Tranformation of Unicode


Mr D Quok

To Sir

We are send postage to Untied States and have need to “see†on map where
desired recipient will be. This is so we know the postage area rate for DHL.
You know that DHL website will give this but we need to check the desired
location is correct cost.

I am have a transformation format code, for an example of our code is like


and I add to it with code like so and it will not work.

Replace([txtZipCode] & MyHyperlink, " ", "+")

Why not, this is very simple and it must work please

We have e mail to Google but the say this is MS Access problem so they will
not help. We e mail to Microsoft and they say this is Google problem so they
also will not help.

We have looked on many websites and the answers given are mostly simpley
wrong as the author does not really understand what they are saying or (in
some case) the answers are thinking we have different application than MS
Access so answer will work with other application but not with MS Access
which is what we have in here.

What is wrong please as you are expert and we have great need to know this
and for speed please. We can make payment for assistance if this is required
and will need details for this.

Yours truly

Dim Ol Quok





I take that you want to see a map of the whole of the USA (looking at you
UFT - this is what you have ??). In the code below I have changed .com to
..co .uk as this seems to work fastter (don't know why)

Add a text box to your form (called txtZipCode )

Add a button with this OnClick (change ButtonName to what it is)

Private Sub ButtonName _Click()
Dim MyHyperlink As String
Dim strGoogleLoaction As String
strGoogleLoaction = Replace([txtZipCode], " ", "+")

'all of the below goes on one line'
="http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?g=q&hl=en&geocode=&time=&date=&ttype=&q=" &
strGoogleLoaction & "&ie=

Application.FollowHyperlink MyHyperlink
End Sub

Now when you type in a zip code into the box and click the button google
maps will open with the pointer shown.

for a list of all USA zip codes go to this site (the will be others)

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