Wavemaster Stax Second Generation Speakers


Mar 25, 2003
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Kit Guru have reviewed the Wavemaster Stax Second Generation Speakers - here's a snippet:

"Wavemaster designs speakers in Germany and then manufactures in the Far East. It’s a clever partnership that allows them to get the best of both worlds: Teutonic desire for engineering perfection with a Chinese love of cost control and affordability. In 2013, that resulted in the most impressive set of speakers we saw all year – the Stax. The product has evolved and today we listen out for improvements in the Second Generation model.

The most impressive thing about the original Stax is the audio quality offered at the price. The launch price was £59. Right now, the Second Generation Stax speaker set is available for just £34.99 on Amazon.

On that basis, if the audio quality is anywhere near as good as the original, Wavemaster has a serious proposition on its hand."


Read more here.

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