Warning: Your signature file is too large



I have a word file that is simply my email signature text info plus a small
jpg (I think) with my company logo. It's probably about 40kb. When I
followed Ron Sommer's instructions:

"You can compose a signature with WinMail and Notepad.
Create your signature in an WinMail mail composition window.
View, check Source Edit.
Click on the Source tab.
Highlight and copy the source code.
Paste the code into Notepad.
Save As "signature.htm". Change signature to your chose of a name.
Use signature.htm for your signature file".

.....the signature.htm file is still too big. I'm still at 25kb. I've tried
to save it as an HTML, MHTML, but the text file in Notepad stil comes out
waaaay over the 4kb limit. My signature as a word file is not complicated at
all, I'm not attaching pictures or anything crazy. Can I compress my word
file somehow? Perhaps save it as another file type? When I had Outlook,
this was never a problem (that I remember) and I'm really getting frustrated.
I started my own company recently and I would really like to have a
"corporate looking" signature. Please help.....please. Thank you in
advance. Jay.



Gary VanderMolen

A couple of lines of HTML code shouldn't add up to 25KB.
What about that logo .JPG file? It should not be included in
the HTML, only referenced.


On your message:

A couple of lines of HTML code shouldn't add up to 25KB.
What about that logo .JPG file? It should not be included in
the HTML, only referenced.

What do you mean by "only referenced" - I don't know how to insert a picture
that way.




I had the same problem; i.e. Microsoft Word complianing that the html
signature file too large in Microsoft Mail package.

I resolved this by:

1. Editting and saving the signature plus picture (company logo) in a
Microsoft Word Doc
2. Then saved it as HTML file (filtered option - its one of the drop downs
in the save as option) - this make the *.html file small (i.e. <4kB as
required by Microsoft Mail). Please note that the html filtered "save as"
option doesn't seem to be availble with Microsoft Works Word Processer, so
you may have to get someone to do this who has Word.
3. At this point the signature loads in Microsoft Mail, but I got a Red
Cross where the picture/logo was meant to be in the signature
4. So I opened File Explorer and opened the html file using either Notepad
or Wordpad editor packages. To do this right click the html file and select
"Open with" option.
5. When you open in Notepad there is a lot of coding garbage, but the trick
is to find the line of code which refers to the image. It will lok something
like "...\documents\signature_files\image001.jpg".
6. Change the file name in the invereted commas to the full path name to
point at the picture file you want, which will be something like
7. Then the signature loads up perfect.

There must be a bug in Microsoft Mail.

hope this helps.


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