Want new ($400) desktop. I have a Foxconn MARS: better to buildw/that or buy a Shuttle?


M Bourgon

In case you're interested, Fry's does have the TruePower 550 on sale for $70,
which is rated for 45 amps (540 watts) worth of 12 volt power.  It is anewer
design, and modular (which some people don't like).  My NeoHE is modular and
hasn't given me any trouble as yet.  I pretty much have all the wires connected,
so the modular design does not have any advantage for me.http://www.frys.com/product/5873333http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371020

I'd like to go modular, but my fear is: "is 550 enough?". It should
be, but the BFG 550 is supposed to be a pretty good PSU and it's
having issues.
I'm tempted to get the Corsair 650tx from Best Buy for two reasons:
(1) I have a gift card so it's about the same cost as Newegg, and (2)
I can plug it in today and see if I have the same kind of issues.

I wound up reinstalling Win7 just to be sure - and I'm still able to
reproduce the problem. Plug the extra drive in, (just the power), and
the system crashes. I wanted to eliminate the possibility of the
drive itself being the culprit.


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