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Bill W

I use XP, Home Edition, IE 6.0

I use Walmart's photo center a lot but can't seem to download their
software which allows me to copy pics to be uploaded, I am forced to
select single pics at a time rather than a group together.

I called their support folk who usually are quite helpful but blaming
everything on MSFT this time. I turned off my AVG, Zone Alarm, is XP
firewall still on somewhere and how do I find out.

Tks all, would like to use the Wmrt software!

bill w

Edward O'Brien

Hi, Bill.

Your MS firewall may be running if you are running XP-SP2. Prior to SP2 it
had to be activated manually.

Go to Control Panel//Network Connections and right click on the connection
you use. Click the Advanced tab and "Settings". You can swirch off the
firewall there.

Best wishes,



If you have SP2 or a pop-up blocker installed you will need set it to allow


Actually, sp2 prevents the automatic installation of the ActiveX
control necessary to fully use the WalMart photo site (I know, I was
experimenting with it just last night). IE will warn you about this
and give you an option of installting the ActiveX control if you
desire. Once it's installed you should be able to fully access all
the Walmart Photo controls.

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