W2K Upgrade Problem


David Draker

I have a Dell laptop running 98. I wanted to install W2K.

The W2K messages indicated that the computer would reboot
three times. Mine rebooted numerous times, but seemed to
be making progress in the install process each time so I
let it go.

Once the real process began it ran normally until the
instal COM+ portion of the process. Approx 50% completed
(around the IIS portion) it reboots and begins the
installation process again with the installing devices
portion. It does this over and over failing each time in
the middle of the COM+ portion. The install start menu
items and the registers components portions seem to work
properly although they seem to take a long time to
complete. Only in the upgrades programs and system setting
section does it fail. Over and over and over...

Is there a way to recover back to 98? Is there some
registry entry that I can reach thru dos to delete and
begin the process again?





Thomas Wieken

I just went through the same problem. Unplug any devices
hook up to the computer other than the keyboard and
mouse. It keeps trying to fix one that it doesn't have a
drive for and loops.

This appears to be a weakness in this program. It should
know not to try to load items that it does not have driver
for and move on.

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