W2K>>trust>>NT4=failed to authenticate



I am seeing event IDs 3210 (Failed to authenticate with X
domain), 5719 (No DC available for X domain), and 5783 (DC
for X domain is not responsive) on my W2K DCs after
setting up a trust with an NT 4 domain for access to an
application on the NT 4 domain. These two domains are in
different forests. From any of my DCs I can browse to the
share on the remote NT 4 domain and the application works.
After researching this, I started thinking the password
for the trust was out of synch but surely the trust
wouldn't keep working if that were true. I know, I know:
if it works, what's the problem? I plan on establishing
several other trusts with the other forest and a forest to
forest trust is not possible politically.

Any ideas or avenues for further research appreciated.


Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


I usually use netdom from the Support Tools to create any trusts, especially
when a WINNT 4.0 Domain is involved. Did you use the LMHOSTS file on the
WINNT 4.0 PDC as well as the WIN2000 DC that holds the FSMO PDC Emulator
role? Interforest Trusts require NetBIOS....




Thanks, Cary. Not sure how things are set up on the NT 4
end but I'll check. Thanks for the ideas.


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