W2K Pro SP4 Error: STOP Message C0000135


Steve I

Has anyone had any problems installing and running SP4.
I have had about 6-8 Toshiba laptops (all different
models) and one Dell Desktop Blue Screen after installing
SP4 on them. Pushed out SP4 with MS SUS and they all
blue screened. Had almost all of the other machines
(100+) have no problem at all. I have uninstalled and
tried reinstalling through SP4 express, network and MS CD
all blue screen after the install. This rules out
corrupted install media. The only thing I can find is an
old Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 173309

I have taken one of the laptops and uninstalled just
about everything I can think of (patches and software)
that might effect it. As soon as I install SP4 and
reboot after install it Blue screens. Have tried copying
the "missing" file from a similar install and it just
reports that there is a different file "missing". If I
boot to the Recovery console and back out the SP4 install
it boots normally.

Anyone have any advise?


Steven Liu

Hi Steve,

The problem seems strange. Where do you get the Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
installation files?

Do you download it from the Microsoft web site?

If not, please download it from:


Since you need to install the Windows 2000 SP4 to several computers, it's
better to download the SP4 Network Installation file.

Before install the Service Pack, please make sure you ahve disable the anti
virus application. If you have the roll back application such as the Roxio
GoBack, please also disable it before installation.

Then, try to install again and see whether this works.

Thanks for using Microsoft News Group!


Steven Liu [MSFT]

Microsoft Online Partner Support

MCSE 2000

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This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties and confers no rights.

Steve I

Hi Steve,

The original issue resulted from the Microsoft Software
Update Server
mspx). Recovered the machines and started
testing/reinstalling SP4 on the affected machines. Tried
downloading the express install from the Microsoft as
well as the network install. My last attempt to install
it was from my MDSN DVD.

I believe that I did disable the AV on the machine. I
will try it again though.

Thanks for the info.
Steve I

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