VS2008 - different ways to work with MS SQL Server database


Just D


Returning to WinForms - what is the current situation with the MS SQL
Server database access? Did anybody see any good review or can just give us
his own impression about that? I'd like to get a more or less complete list
of different ways accessing MS SQL database from C# in WinForms.

1. VS2008 - Create a new DataSource, generate query, select the datasource
type and d-n-d to the WinForm to autogenerate the controls and bind data to
2. SqlHelper - automatically or manually retrieve the DataSet and work with
it parsing data, updating it, etc. SqlHelper.ExecuteDataSet or any other
method to Fill the data is ok.
3. Manually or automatically generated classes loading the data from
DataSets, DataReaders, etc., updating the data on the database, etc.
4. Some libraries including the open source libs to generate the data access
layer and simplify writing of the code. Btw, what libraries are popular for
WinForms now?

What else?

Just D.





Some of it depends on whether or not you are concerned about RAPID
I (for one) an 99.9% NOT concerned about RAPID development.

Therefore I now lean toward custom objects / collections for development.

I consider a (strong) DataSet, a poor mans business object.

at the first URL above, there is a MS article "bird's eye view" is what I
call it at the blog.

I would read that article twice over, and bookmark it.

Check the other blog entries I have for later versions of the custom class /
collection examples.

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