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I have a pretty large web site with about 400 files after I precompile
it. When I use the VS2005 Publish tool and publish to an FTP site,
which is running IIS, most of the attempts hang after about 10
minutes. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. Most times it

What is really aggravating is that I get no error message from VS2005
when the publish utility stops. It just stops. The only way I can tell
that something is wrong is if I wait 30 minutes and the activity light
on my modem stops blinking.

There has got to be a better way than this.

Even the copy web site tool doesn't work that well. I'll publish the
site to a local directory. Then I'll try to copy all the files in the
site, including subdirectories and the files and subdirectories below
those. Sometimes it reports that it copied all the files. But when I
look on the site, files are missing. Again, no error messages

Is it the FTP server, the VS2005 product, what? It's very
disappointing and a waste of time.




Not sure if maybe can be some connectivity restriction with your hosting

I normally precompile the website and then use FileZilla (free and quite
good, open source initiative) to upload the site via FTP. Using that normally
I haven't got quite much problems, check with that and if you get errors you
should ask your hosting provider about the stability of your connection.

Good luck

PS.: About Filezilla (available on XP) http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/

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Check out dispatch for vs2005http://dispatchasp.net

Its cheap and it adds dreamweaver like ftp capabilities. Will not work with

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Ok, after much testing I've found that the publish process in VS2005
takes 40 minutes to publish 400 files to the web server. So I just
wasn't being patient enough. I'm not sure why it takes so long. It's
probably a bug in the web site publish process. But it does recover,
although it's rather slow at doing so.

So if I'm patient, I'll see the results. I just have to wait 40

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