VS 2005: Virtual directories



Rather new to this....

I've created a new web site using VS 2005. It's created the files under my
"documents and settings" area and the URL to this site is

I have a separate physical directory structure that I have to use within
this website (and others). I therefore need to add this as a virtual

When using CLASSIC asp, I'd do this by finding the website in IIS manager
and adding a virtual directory and pointing it through to the physical

However, on my XP machine, I can't find this directory under IIS and
therefore can't map the virtual directory. I'm not sure how to do
this....could someone please explain?




Worked this out eventually.....don't create the project in VS2005, but
instead create the web site and virtual directories under IIS and then open
the website using VS2005


We can use VS2005 to create a website. Use the File > New > Website and
select HTTP from the ddl shown in the dialog.
Secondly, I find it more efficient to locate websites in c:\inetpub\wwwroot.
I name my machine with short names such as XP1 which enable me to load
websites by using http:// xp1/nameofwebsite which sure beats the hell out of
http:// localhost:portnumber/nameofwebsite

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METROmilwaukee (sm) "A Regional Information Service"
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URL http://clintongallagher.metromilwaukee.com/

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