VPN Issue



I've deployed VPN server on our network. I can connect
to it from outside over internet.
I cannot ping any internal addresses on the private
network or ether public addresses of the the server.
(DHCP relay is on) When I obtain IP address from our
internal server on PPP connection, it sets the same
Gateway as the IP address assigned. DNS server is
obtained from our DHCP server on PPP connection.
Network Configuration:
Router >> Firewall
Firewall >> LAN >> WAN >> DMZ
VPN Server >> LAN >> DMZ (no Routing)

Thanks in advance

Bill Grant

Does the remote client get an IP in the same subnet as the LAN
machines? (I presume it does if the RRAS server gets IP addresses from
DHCP). If so, you do not need IP routing enabled on the RRAS server. They
are in the same subnet, so no IP routing is done at the server. The RRAS
server just acts as a proxy for the remote, and the traffic goes on to the
LAN using normal hardware addressing.

The default gateway of the client should be the "received" IP, as you
said. This is the address of the VPN link, and that is where the traffic has
to go to get to the LAN.

Is it just a name resolution problem? Can you ping a LAN machine by IP?

When the client connects, you can see its received IP and the IP of the
server in the Details tab of the connection properties. You must be able to
ping the server on this IP.


I am having a name resolution problem I believe.
I can connect to the VPN server and get an IP from the
DHCP scope that I have setup. But.. When I do an ipconfg
it tells me that I have an apporporate DHCP address but
the subnet it put me on is (in DHCP I
have the subnet set as and there is also
no connection specific DNS Suffix specified.
I can ping computers on the intranet by IP but not by
name. What am I missing????


I can ping lan.
I cannot ping anything outside lan (internet)
nor the name resolution works.
Any Ideas

Thanks in advance

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