VPN / DNS - Part 2



When I connect using RRAS / VPN - Windows 2000 AD / 2000 VPN - I can NOT
connect to hostnames of machines but I can using IP - obviously it is DNS

I am using the same range of IP as my internal network for my VPN; however,
I do not have the correct subnet mask, DNS, gateway. I did not give any
special IP range for VPN.

Where is this modified at for VPN access?

Bill Grant

By default, RRAS leases a batch of IP addresses from DHCP and issues them
to remote clients when they connect. You can alter this by setting up a
static pool of addresses in the RRAS console.

When a client connects, the IP it receives is part of the connection
process. So is the name server (WINS and/or DNS) address. You can always
disable the automatic name server address and configure it by hand in the
client's connection properties. Remember to check the DNS suffix that the
client uses as well as the IP address of the DNS server.

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