VPN disconnects after short idle


Tom C.

I've got a single Win2K client out there that VPNs in to our Win2K server
running RAS. Our server is connected to the Internet via a static IP DSL
connection. The client is connected to the Internet via a highspeed cable
modem. The VPN connects via these Internet connectins. Once the client is
connected connected, it seems that is takes only a short idle period before
it auto disconnects. To overcome this, the user has written a program that
creates a 0-byte file on our server once a second. This keeps the connection
open fine, but consumes bandwidth unnecessarily.

How can I configure the VPN connection so that it does not auto disconnect
so quickly on idle? Where do I do it, client or server? Please be specific
as to how to access the setting as I don't use the RAS interface enough to
know my way around that well. Thank you!

-- tom c

Kadirvel C Vanniarajan [MSFT]

On the client side,
1) Right click on the Network Connection and goto Properties
2) Select the 'Options' page
3) Under the 'Redialing options' section, you will find a setting 'Idle
time before hanging up:'. Here, you can configure your idle time.

If this is set to Never, then look at the VPN Server for the idle connection
1) Open the Routing and Remove Access snapin (under admin tools)
2) On the left, goto Remove Access Policies
3) Select the policy that will match your client. Right click and select
4) Click on 'Edit Profile'
5) In the page 'Dial-in Constraints' check the setting 'Minutes server can
remain idle before it is disconnected (Idle-Timeout):' and adjust it

Hope this helps!

Lewis Howell

I had a wacky issue with VPN disconnects after applying a Windows SP. The
Windows SP reset my Outlook Express option to disconnect after send/receive.
I had Outlook Express check for mail every 10 minutes, and my VPN
disconnected every 10 minutes. It took me a while to figure this one
out..and it pissed me off when I found it out.. The same issue happened
with another SP, so I flamed Microsoft (like that matters). This was all
with Wondows2000 and IE6 SP's.

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