vpn & DI-604 ethernet broadband router



on me I get error 650 trying to connect & error 721 on
xp,I tryed many thing that were listed here, no help. I
believe it's got some thing to do with the router not pass
throught.Is set to Allow PPTP-GRE47 WAN,* LAN,
TCP,1723,Allow PPTP_GRE WAN,* LAN, GRE,1723
pass throught. I can enabled dzm on the router and connect
to the network with no trouble.Does that mean the router
is not working or can it still have to do with the server.



Bill Grant

Usually the DMZ option doesn't have any filters set. So if you can
connect OK using that, the problem must be in the filters you are setting on
the router.

You need to forward tcp port 1723 to the server. You also need to allow
GRE in both input and output filters. GRE is used by the VPN data packets
going into and out of your LAN.

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