Volatile function & Filter Show All



I have a function that returns the filter values of a specific cell filter.
My function is called like the following:


'B3' in an example, it may be any of the cell on which I have a Filter On.

I put "Application.Volatile" in my code to make sure that my function is
executed each time Excel recalculates my spreadsheet.

This works fine but ...

When I have multiple Filters set on my sheet, sometimes instead of undoing
them one by one, I go to the Data menu and I select "Filter Show All". All
my filters are reset but my function is not executed. I still have the
result of the previous execution of my function.

My function is executed only the next time I do something in any of the
cells of this spreadsheet.

What do I have to do to make sure my function is executed when I do a
"Filter Show All" from the Data menu.

By the way, I'm using Excel 2003 on Windows 2003.




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