vlookups and hyperlinks



Hi, I am a conservation biologist working in Australia and unfortunatel
I do not have a comprehensive knowledge of excel. I am in the proces
of creating a series of workbooks each of which contain lists of
large number of vegetation types which occur in particular geographi
regions. Currently I am manually inserting hyperlinks from each typ
to a detailed description of that type (which are all held on
separate worksheet in the workbook). I have been attempting t
automate this somewhat by using vlookup to reference to a list o
hyperlinks. However rather than returning a hyperlink reference, th
vlookup returns the text (without the link). Is there anyway of usin
vlookup to replicate the hyperlink (or any formula rather than th
result for that matter).

I would appreciate any advice



Dick Kusleika


You may be able to use the HYPERLINK function to replicate that. It would
look like this


It may not be quite that easy, depending on what your VLOOKUP actually
returns. If it doesn't work, post back with more details.

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