Vive Hunter

My VLookup argument isn't working. I'm trying to have it lookup the customer
id from my original worksheet in another worksheet, and have it return the
(Co name) value from that second worksheet. When I don't ask it to do an
exact lookup, it returns the correct value, but then when I drag the formula
it just copies it. When I give it a FALSE range lookup for an exact match,
then it won't return the value at all!
I'm using the same vlookup formula that I always use. Here it is:


What could be the problem? Can anyone help?



Dave Peterson

First, your formula is bringing back column A of the CSV file.


I'm not sure what you really meant, but I bet that isn't correct.

Second, if the formula really adjusts (A2 becomes A3 becomes A4 ....), then my
bet is that you have excel in manual calculation mode.

In xl2003 menus, you can toggle that setting:
tools|options|calculation tab

Once you have those two pieces fixed, I think you still have a problem. And I
bet it's because the ID isn't the same in A2 and in column A of the CSV file.

Debra Dalgleish has lots of notes on troubleshooting =vlookup():

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