VLOOKUP with a Named Range argument



I am using a VLOOKUP to refer to a table that is a Defined Name/Named Range.

When I use the Defined Name directly in the function the Function works
fine. Example: VLOOKUP(D8,NamedRange,2,False)

However, if instead I reference the Named Range as it appears as a value in
another cell, I get an #N/A error. Example: VLOOKUP(D8,C6,2,False) - where
the value in C6 is NamedRange.

It seems Excel is insisting on seeing the actual named range in the function
and does not accept the named range value as it's returned from a single
cell. Does anyone know of a workaround for this situation?



John C

Your formula of VLOOKUP(D8,C6,2,False) is looking at C6 as the named range,
not containing the named range. Basically, it is trying to match D8 to the
table of C6.
You should try:

Hope this helps.

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