vlookup inside a hyperlink



Hi all
I have a formula in a cell which returns a value taken from another
worksheet. Is it possible to put a hyperlink against this cell so that when
the user clicks on the cell it will jump to the cell in the other worksheet
where the value comes from? I was thinking something along the lines of

Any help much appreciated.




Try this sample from my archives which illustrates one way:
Hyperlink matching name in another sht.xls

The example construct:
In sheet: contact master,
Assume names are listed in A2:A10

In B2:
schedule'!A"&MATCH(A2,'master schedule'!A:A,0))),A2)))
Copy B2 down to B10. The above creates hyperlinks in col B which when
clicked, jumps to the matched name in sheet: master schedule's col A (names
there can be in scrambled order)

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