I am trying to convert a list of payments in this format:
Date | Account Code | Amount
into a quarterly cash flow categorised by Account Code type. I’m trying to
use VLOOKUP to convert the Account code into a category so that I can split
the cash flow into 3 categories. I have a lookup table which relates each
Account Code to one of three categories.

I’m using:

The list of payments is on a sheet called interest. A6:A256 contains the
dates, E4 & E5 contain the start & end dates for each quarter, C6:C256
contains the account codes (irritatingly held as text), Analysis!A5:G75
contains the lookup table, A8 contains the category I want to look up, and
F6:F256 contains the amounts.

This formula successfully sums between the dates but doesn’t distinguish the
categories. What am I doing wrong?!


If each item in Interest!C6:C256 exists in Analysis!A5:A75, try...


If Interest!C6:C256 may contain items that do not exist in
Analysis!A5:A75, try...


Hope this helps!


Hi there, thanks for your help. I making progress but haven’t got there yet.
Niether of your suggestions worked straight off, but parts of the 2nd one
seem to get me almost there. I didn’t understand the 1/LOOKUP part of the
your suggestion though.

I’m now using:


Having worked out how to use Excel to evaluate formulae (really useful
function!) I can see that the whole array is resolving correctly except the
=index() bit which is evaluating the first row in C6:C256 to TRUE without
looking at the subsequent rows and consequently summing the whole of F6:F256.
How do I get this bit to behave like an array formula?

Thanks again!


Does it help if you change this part of the formula...




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