Please bare with me, but I've never used the vlookup function and I'm having

I have two spread sheets with file numbers in column A. I need to know if
the files in spreadsheet two (smaller data set, named "RS2008") are within
spreadsheet one (larger data set, named '2008'). If so, I need a "1"
populated into spreadsheet one, column U (data in columns B-T).

Please help how I would accomplish this task.

Thank you!



B. R.Ramachandran


In U2 of Spread Sheet one, enter the following formula and drag to fill down
the column.


The part "[RS2008.xlsx]Sheet1!$A:$A" corresponds to the entire column A in
spread sheet two. You don't have to type it in the formula. Rather select
the actual data range in column A or the entire column A range (by clicking
on "A" above the cell A1) of that spread sheet, and this action inserts it in
the formula, including the correct file extension depending on which version
of Excel is used.

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B. R. Ramachandran

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