Vlookup help needed


Soccer Guy

I'm need help developing an order form.

We offer multiple styles of shirts and each style comes in different colors.

Right now I have a drop down box in which the customer can select the model
of shirt they want.

On the from form below I need the drop down box to list only the colors
available for the model they selected.

I have a hidden "data" worksheet which has the available colors listed for
each style.

If I know what style of shirt the customer wants, I've been manually enter
the data validation to pull colors for the shirt in the order form below.

I'm hoping for a way in which the colors on the order from are automatically
updated when customer selects jersey style from above.

I really apprecaite anyones time and help.

On Main page I have a drop down menu from which user picks which model of
soccer jersey they want.

On my "data" worksheet




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