Visual studio 2003 "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error"



Visual studio 2003 "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error" when trying to
create a new site with Visual Studio 2003 on localServer XP
Pro/IIS 5.1. Everything worked fine prior to installing V/Studio 2003.
Was running V/Studio classic 6/Asp parallel with V/Studio 2002/aspx.
Anyone have any new solutions or urls' to point me to for this problem
short of reinstalling the local developer setup consisting of Win XP
OS/IIS 5.1 along with FP 2003 ? I have pretty much tried everything
else listed in various threads. I think my mistake was thinking the
installation for V/Studio 2003 was going to offer to upgrade my
V/ 2002, (I "assumed", since it was not a total paradyne
shift as it was from V/Studio 6 to V/, that this would be the
case). Did I miss a step in the installation that offered to upgrade my
V/ version 2002/Framework 1.0x ???????
Anyway, I didn't de-install 2002/frwrk 1.0 first. So AFTER V/Studio
2003 installation was done I add/removed programs- V/Studio 2002, plus
framework 1.0x...oops!
I guess I should have de-installed 2002/v 1.0 first.
Does anyone have a web server product that they are having more success
integrating with 1.1x other than Microsoft's own IIS ?
Thanks all,

Here are some things other developers have used (from various threads
around the world) to fix Microsoft's problem's integrating IIS with v.1.1.4322

iisreset /stop
net user ASPNET /delete
aspnet_regiis -i
iisreset /start
1. Uninstall .NET framework 2.
2. Uninstall ISS
3. Reinstall ISS with default options.
4. Install VS.NET prerequisites from the VS.NET installation. Etc.
Go to "Administrative Tools"
- Open "Microsoft .Net 1.1 Configuration"
- In the new window, expand the "Runtime Security Policy"
- Expand "Machine", then "Code Groups", then "All_Code".
- Right-Click on "My_Computer_Zone" and select properties.
- On the "Permission Set" tab, the selected value should be "Full
- Checked "Full Trust" was set.

Kevin Spencer

You shouldn't have uninstalled anything. .Net works in such a way that you
can (and probably should, for backwards-compatibility) have several
different versions of the Framework on the same machine. If you wanted to
uninstall VS.Net 2002, you could have uninstalled that without uninstalling
the Framework. .Net Framework applications use the version of the Framework
that they were built for.

Typically (at least from my multiple experiences) you would simply install
VS.Net 2003, which would also install the Framework, as well as set up
ASP.on your IIS, all without your intervention. It's really fairly simple.


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
..Net Developer
Neither a follower nor a lender be.

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