Visual basic and emprt fields



I recently converted from Access 97 to 2003. (we're a little behind the
times at my company). Anyway, we have some visual basic code which
interfaces with the Access database in order to populate BOM's in AutoCAD,

My problem is that the code does not like fields with 'null' values. It
didn't seam to mind then in 97? I've since entered a meaningless character
in those fields to get the code to function so the company can still run, but
is there a 'real' fix?

I'm only self taught at VB, but I think it has something to do with an empty



Douglas J. Steele

Without more details of what your code is doing, it's practically impossible
to comment.

If you're trying to pass values from your recordset to variables, be aware
that the only variable type that can contain Null values is the Variant data
type. You either need to ensure that your variable is a Variant, or else use
the Nz() function to convert the Null to a value that the variable can hold.


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