Ken Blake, MVP

Is there an easy way to remove Vista and then install XP without having to
reload all programs?

No. Neither an easy way, nor a difficult way. It's just not possible

How about drivers? Are they a problem?

Yes. Same thing. Any drivers you need will have to be reinstalled.

Also note that even if you could save the old drivers, in general
Windows Vista drivers are different from Windows XP drivers, and they
would still have to be reloaded.

P. Jayant

I have already done that, just a day before April Fool's day. Luckily, I
have two hard drives on the system. So I transferred all the documents -
word, spreadsheets, audio, video, e-mail, address book, installable programs
in zip format and drivers downloaded from various sites etc to the D drive.
I had to buy a new XP installation disk. The old one cannot be used. Most of
the drivers were installed automatically by XP because the latest disk
includes not only SP2 but the updated drivers, Very few drivers had to be
updated using my Internet Download Folder or by fresh downloading.

Everything is working fine and some of the devices like my external
synthesizer - which was connected to the SoundBlaster card which was not
acceptable to Vista because there was no compatible driver available and had
to be changed - can now be used.

Best luck for a successful retreat.

P. Jayant

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