Vista wont shut down



I've been running Vista Home Premium for a couple months with no problem. Now
I'm having intermittent trouble with the shut down. From the Start Menu I
click Shutdown and nothing happens. So I repeat the process. I end up having
to click on Shutdown about 7 times before Vista will do so. Like I said, this
problem is intermittent; sometimes it shut downs just fine.
Other times, Vista will start the shut down process, taking me to the
"computer is shutting down" screen, and it just hangs there for 20 minutes
until I manually turn off the computer.
I'm using a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop.




I had the a similar problem on my HP Pavilion. The computer refused to wake
up after being "asleep" for a while, so I had to shut it down manually, and
when it restarted, it would be back where I had left it, as if it had been
asleep. Then it crashed. If I were you, I'd back up everything right now.



I have the 180 degree problem.

I have Windows Vista Ultimate on my lap top. It's a Compaq Presario X6000
with Pent-IV processor and 3GB of RAM. I don't want to tell you what I paid
for it customized because you will recommend I seek a mental health
professional. My point is, IT IS A TOP OF THE LINE SYSTEM.

After loading all the Vistal lnaguage packs the computer boots extremely
slow. I gave up asking for help on this issue from the news groups.
Numerous users seem to have this problem but all the, "experts," seem either
puzzled or annoyed.

Anyway, now my computer just shuts off on its own. No reason... I don't
have to be doing anything, it just goes to the shutdown and turns itself off.
power seetings are correct. I got out my spare power supply (brand new) and
the shutdown continues.

I almost wish I had your problem. I'd like the damn thing to stay on.

Before yuo ask: Yes, I ran a virus check, Check Disk, Scan Disk and
Windows Cleanup. All in Safe Mode. Still turns itself off.



Rick Rogers

Hi Lee,

A system that shuts down on its own is usually responding to a signal from
the motherboard that an overheating condition exists. A fan may be
malfunctioning, an airvent may be blocked, or there simply may be
insufficient cooling mechanisms in place.

I cannot help you with the language pack issue, as I do not use them nor
have I worked on a system with that issue.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts



It turned out to be a bad installation/setup of Advanquest System Suite 8.
Once I unistalled and reinstalled, the problem went away.

The fans and hardware were the first things I checked. Good advice on your



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