Vista Windows Explorer, lost filesize feature...



I think as far back as win95 if you used windows explorer with status bar
enabled (for vista this is called details plane) if you select a folder (in
the navigation plane) in the status bar it would list the total number of
items AND the total file size for all the files in the selected folder. Vista
seems to have lost this feature and only the total amount of items are listed.

I'm a programmer so this feature has proved useful for me in certian
cases... the workaround is to select all files... but still... why remove it
from the unselected view?

I can also detail out 4 other annoyances with the new explorer if MS would
like more details shoot me an email, ill be glad to help out. Here are the

1. Decending Sort in list mode kicks all the folders to the end of the file
listing unlike previous versions of windows where the folders were sorted but
stayed at the begining of the listing (should make this an option for what
method the user would like to use)

2. Details plane for word documents etc... when you want to view the file
size depending on the window size of explorer it hides the "Size" tag which
for me will ALWAYS be more important then who created the document... maybe
you should be able to change the listing order or hide junk you dont want to
see there (why do empty fields get displayed before size anyway?)

3. File rename, auto highlights everything except the extention by default
now... when programming I want to rename the extention a good chunk of the
time and not the name... should add an option for full select... or get
creative and if you click to rename and the mouse is over the extenstion at
the time select only the extention
then if over the name select just the name... and if over the '.' then
select all... that would make repeditive tasks faster depending on what your

4. I don't know how many other people would agree with this one but when in
list mode and you have enough files and folders to fill the window so there
is a horizontal scrollbar, its very annoying with the full item select being
on... so to clear the file selection you now have to right click the white
space and then click somewhere else on the screen to clear the rightclick
menu... no matter how far in the whitespace you are it always selects the
file with left click...

hahah ill just add 1 other unrelated to windows explorer problem...
Windows Media Player + Toolbar turned on for the taskbar + music on local
network share... when the music is playing and just before the song
ends(about 5-10seconds) media player im guessing is preloading some
information about the next song its going to play (i have random on also)...
anyway... during this period of a couple seconds the damn taskbar will be
lagged and unresponsive! so if im coding something and i goto switch windows
or click the start button during this specific time (that happens every 4-5
minutes because of song length) my window switching is lagged!! I have a dual
core processor and the task bar should be on a different thread so why the
hell would the taskbar lag up when media player is switching files... there
is not even 20% cpu usage during this time. VERY ANNOYING BUG!

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Correct, I noted this as my workaround in the original post.

"the workaround is to select all files... but still... why remove it
from the unselected view?"

Thanks for the post though.

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