Vista Update error 8024402C



New notebook on Vista Business. T7500 CPU, 4 gigs RAM, 160gig HDD. It will
not download any updates which I need to do so I can install Service Pack 1
as a result of Update error 8024402C. I have a Microsoft Service Pack 1 on
DVD - DVD was given to me by Microsoft.

I have followed Help suggestions:
Notebook has Internet Access
I have disbale Virus Protection and tried updates still failed
It is on a Peer to Peer network - no server

The only advice I followed from Help was to check option in LAN settings,
under Automatic Configuration, to "Automatically detect settings."

Rebooted many times - tried over and over - everything failed. I have spend
6 hours + installing Office, Photoshop Elements, installing 5 printers on it
setup Outlook and imported .pst. I really don't want to do a new setup. Is
there anyway I can sort out this error and downloads updates without having
to wipe the harddrive clean an do a new OS installation.

Assistance will be so much appreciated. Please help.


Thanks so much for such a quick reply. Will do tomorrow and let you know how
I fared.

John Turco

Growler74 said:
Hi guys...

I have had a similar problem which has taken me days and hours to sort
out. I have been combing through this forum and every other forum that
has purported to have a fix... but none worked for me. Finally I got
onto Microsoft Support. Attached below is my email describing my
problem (as well as the fixes I tried), and the reply from the support
guy. It worked first go, however I have not seen this fix on any forum
or website.

<deleted lengthy description of the problem and its solution, for brevity>

Many thanks, for sharing your information publicly; it may prove helpful
to others, in the future.

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