Vista Ultimate hangs after dual win XP Pro



I am having problem with Vista when I want dual boot it with xp pro. I have
norton internet security 2007 installed on XP. I restart my system and boot
with vista ultimate CD and the installation runs properly but when I start it
after installation completed the blank screen apears or some times graphic
screen and mouse moves on it but it doesnt go forward. Sometimes it boots up
and everything seems to be alright but I restart it after installing a driver
or just restart it same thing happens that mouse moves on blank screen or
graphic screen and doesnt go forward. I installed vista ultimate and dual
boot successfully but this time I think some problem with xp or Norton cauz
last time I didnt have norton but mcafee. Is it because of Norton this time?
I cant find it out. Somebody help please.



Peter Foldes

Norton. Get rid of it and then try and see if issue still persist. Norton is a major issue to many



Not Me

I would remove Norton immediately, it's caused problems for more people than
I can count.
My dual boot system works fine with XP and Vista (they must be on different
partitions, but I have mine on separate drives).
I wouldn't try to run Vista with less that 1GB RAM, it runs better with 2GB.
Some may think I am crazy, but I also popped in an old 30GB/7200RPM drive
that I use for the swapfile only.

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