Vista UAC on a Domain pc



Has anyone figured out a way to disable UAC in Vista Business without giving
users the ability to add/remove software, yet STILL be prompted for admin
priviledges when needed-similar to how XP Pro acts?
We have a program that fails due to UAC, but when it is disable, it works.
Disabeling UAC allows the user to install programs without having to be an
admin...and NONE of our users have admin access. The exe for the program is
on a server belonging to another department and they will not make any
changes to the exe or let me run it in compatability mode for our users...



Sometimes technology is not the solution.
Have your manager talk to their manager to see if there is a resolution,
some accord that can be reached to resolve this issue. There must be more to
this than you are able to see. After all, the nature of business is to
improve the prospects for the business not to build little Fiefdoms.

Links, shortcuts or shares are not just for breakfast...

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