Vista Toolbar and RSS feeds




I wonder if anyone could help me. I am running Windows Vista- 64-bit with
Office 2007.

I have several RSS feeds setup in Outlook 2007. I want the contents of all
of them to be displayed in the RSS gadget on the toolbar. This doesn't

All my Outlook feeds are on the gadget's feed list. I can choose any
individual feed, and its contents display fine. However, when I choose
"Display all feeds", the toolbar gadget only displays contents from one or
two feeds (BBC News and The Scotsman). It also displays contents from MSBNC,
which is no longer on my list of RSS feeds at all.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this. does the toolbar keep a list of RSS
feeds somewhere else (though, if it does, why do all my Outlook feeds show up
on the list of feeds in the gadget options?).



Ronnie Vernon MVP


The list of feeds are kept in Internet Explorer. Open IE and click the ALT
key to display the Menu Bar. Go to View/Explorer Bar/Feeds. You delete/add
feeds there. You can also set advanced options if you right click a feed and
select Properties.

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