Vista SP1 - mstsc /admin and the Remote Desktops MMC


Gross, Michael


I've just installed Vista SP1 on my Vista 32 Business and the good news
regarding to RDP is that copy+paste to/from RDP sessions is working
fine now (in Vista without Service Pack 1 the RDP clipboard sometimes
does not work properly).

Bad news however is that the mstsc /console switch has been renamed to
mstsc /admin. As a consequence, the "Connect to console" option in the
"Remote Desktops" MMC from the Windows Server 2003 Administration Pack
no longer works -- even though the option is ticked it will not let me
connect to the servers console but rather open a standard session.

Seems like the "Remote Desktops" Snap-in relies on the /console switch
which is no longer available...

Any ideas how to solve this?

Thanks a lot




beetlejelly said:
Yea, this is a pain. Has anyone come up with a solution?

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