Vista slow deleting, moving and copying files?



System Specs:

Vista Ultimate
P4 3.2 Ghz
2 gig DDR dual-channel memory

I did a Google search and got bombarded with conflicting info, and was I
wondering if there were an official work-around for this issue?



brink, I think you're missing the point.

Vista is *Extremely* slow at copying files between drives. As an example, I
just copied the install file for Filezilla from a network location to my hard
disk, a whopping 3.72Mb. It took vista about 1 and a half minutes to copy!!
Most of the time it was "calculating time remaining". The same copy process
to an XP machine is almost instant.

Microsoft really need to fix this.

Ronnie Vernon MVP


This problem has already been fixed with a hotfix package. Go to the
following website and the KB article. If this is the behavior that you are
seeing, go to the second link to request the hotfix. Fill in the form and
make sure that you enter "931770" in the KB section. You should receive a
reply with a link to download/install the hotfix within 24 hours.

The copy process may stop responding when you try to copy files from a
server on a network to a Windows Vista-based computer:

Contact Us: Hotfix Request Web Submission Form:;en;1399&showpage=1&WS=hotfix

You may also want to take a look at this article.

When you copy large files to or from earlier operating systems, the copy
operation may be slower than expected on some Windows Vista-based computers:


Thanks to everyone who replied, there is so much conflicting information out
there regarding this issue but the one that fixed it for me was to disable
the "IP Helper", "Windows Search" and "Computer Browser" services. If I get
time I might enable them again one by one to see if it's just a single
service that's causing this issue. The post I read originally said to
disable "IP Helper" and "Computer Browser".

I'll check the link regarding McAfee as I do have VS8.5i installed and the
protection pilot agent V3.6.6



Having the same problems here. We are on Small Business Server 2003. I find
Vista incredibly slow for all tasks, local, network and internet. I have a
brand new AMD 64 PC with 2 GB of RAM and it runs like a PIII with 256

I did turn off the Gadget things and that improved the performance somewhat.

Opening or closing applications takes time, surfing takes time...the OS is
not nearly as fast as XP...

Kevin Burns


I found this solution to SLOW file copy/delete/move:

Open Programs & Features
Select Turn Windows Features On or Off
De-select Remote Differential Compression
Select OK

It will take several minutes for this to be de-activated.

Reboot to be sure it takes.

Now these operations fly!

Ronnie Vernon MVP


This fix has been around for some time, but like most other fixes having to
do with the slow/copy/move files problem, it appears to work for some and
not for others.

Google Groups:

There are a couple of major compatibility/performance updates coming next
Tuesday to Windows Update. Hopefully some of these issues will be addressed
in these updates.
Aug 17, 2007
Reaction score
it does not work for me

Remote differential compression to uncheck
It does not work for me and it has no reason to work for a local drive !
Nothing found on microsoft except this advice

Remote differential compression unchecked
Indexing unchecked
Windows defender inactivated
DFS unchecked

According to all cures to apply

Unfortunatey still 50 seconds to rename or delete a directory...

The truth is that m$ is a very heavy bull ****.

Better install ubuntu

Ken Blake, MVP

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium on an HPw1907. If more specs are
needed, let me know. I do have sp1 as well.

When I first got my computer, all was dandy. THEN, I did my windows
updates as scheduled and one day (uncertain when, but not long after I
purchased the machine in February) I preformed a very simple task of
changing a file name. It locked my computer for a good 1 to 1.5
minutes until finally the name was changed. Also, when I try to move
or delete files and folders it takes an extremely long time to complete
- and as many others described...the little nagging window stating how
long it's going to take to change, move or delete a tiny file like for
instance, notepad.

I have searched the internet desperately for some fix to this, but have
found none that have worked. I have tried all on this forum that would
apply to me to no avail. Is this something that I just have to deal
with or is there some sort of "fix" or "work-around" available?

Performance problems these days are very often caused by malware
infection. What firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware applications do
you run?

I would begin troubleshooting by going to MVP Malke's malware removal
site at and
following the instructions there.

Ken Blake, MVP

This is a brand new machine. I have mcaffee on both machines and I
moved my files to a share that took about an hour which is terrible but
then I tried to move the files from c:\ftpex to ftpex\documents and it
said it was going to take over 9 hours. I am only talking about 4 gig
worth of data. I am already on service pack 2. This performance is
horrible. Doing the same thing on xp took less than 5 mins. My
hardware on the new box should be twice as fast as it is brand new out
of the box. Even deleting a few files took over 20 mins.

You are replying to a message I wrote almost two years ago?

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