Vista - Readyboost hangs computer during startup




I have Windows Vista ultimate, 32-bit. I am trying to get readyboost to
work on a Sandisk Cruzer 4GB USB drive. Vista recognizes it after the OS is
running and formatted the USB drive.

But during bootup with the USB drive pluged it, readyboost simply hangs the
machine before posting, I think the machine is trying to boot off the USB

I went into the bios to alter the boot order, but to no avail.

2x1GB Buffalo PC-6400 memory
Intel 4300 Core 2 Duo CGU
ABIT AB9 Pro Motherboard

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Double01

Richard Urban

You are right in that it is a bios setting. Look for something like "boot
other devices" and turn it off. Anything not in your boot string should then
be deactivated.



Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User
(For email, remove the obvious from my address)

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