Vista profile folder cannot be recreated???



I have a problem using vista home & bussiness.

When I just delete a user profile folder at "C:\user\peter", the profile
folder cannot be created next logon to peter. Vista said "windows cannot load
the user profile, use tempory ...."
I try that delete the peter account and then recreate that, the profile
folder can be created again. But I don't want that solution.

The Windows XP can be just delete the profile in "C:\Documents and
Settings\", the new profile will be recreated after next login. The Vista
cannot do that.

I would like to do the same as the Windows XP can in Vista.

Can anyone help me?




Rick Rogers

Hi Steven,

No can do. Once a user profile is created, the name is reserved. Only
deleting and recreating the account will create the new folder structure.
Choose a different name.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts




So the Vista cannot do the same as Win XP?

It is because the Vista is joining to a domain and the computer is a public
If I just delete their profile in Vista, the domain users cannot recreate
the profile, also I cannot delete their account.

No solution for that?


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