vista not recognizing raid 0 drives from xp system with plug n pla



I removed two Barracuda 7200.7 120gig hard drives in a raid 0 (striped)
configuration from my old XP system and just plugged them into a new vista
home (maybe premium not sure) AMD 64 core duo system - and vista only
recognizes the two separate drives as unformatted drives and offers to format
them for me. These drives were data drives only - no OS installed on them. I
just want to be able to use them again as data drives for direct sound
recording and fast imaging drives. What drivers do I need, where do I get
them and how do I install them for vista. Or, do I have to put them back in
my old computer and transfer the data off ( I need the data that is on them
now), then reformat them as raid 0 in vista?


Hi Docha,

All of this assumes, of course, that your system is RAID capable. Most, but
certainly not all, are. You need to install the appropriate RAID drivers for
your system. However, there is something else which you need to do and that
is to set up these drives as a RAID0 array in your BIOS (follow the
instructions in your manual). An important point to note is that you must
select the same parameters for these drives as were selected in your old
system. This includes setting them up as RAID0 (obviously), installing them
in your system in the same physical order and, less obvious, making sure that
the block width is set to the same value. Most people will use the default
setting, but there is no guarantee that different RAID subsystems will use
the same value here, so you will need to check this and make sure that you
use the same value. Of course, even with all parameters correct and your
machine seeing the array properly, it doesn't mean to say that you will be
able to access your data as it is possible to have ownership problems. If
this is the case, the easiest way to recover your data from them would be to
put them back in your old machine, retrieve the data and transfer it to
removeable media, i.e. CD/DVD/USB flash drive (or a combination) or an
external hard drive (preferred). You can then put the drives in your new
machine and set them up as you wish. Your data can then be retrieved from the
removeable media that you created.

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