Vista: how to enable Remote Desktop Host WITHOUT using Windows Fir



Vista Business, Ultimate, and Enteprise allows Remote Desktop (RDP)
Host such that another PC can connect to it remotely.

However, when I try to enable RDP Host in Vista Ultimate, an error pop up
saying that:

"Windows can NOT enable or disable Remote Desktop without Windows

I do NOT want to use Windows Firewall as I have other Firewall
program, but how do I enable Remote Desktop for Vista Ultimate without
Windows Firewall?

This is also an issue in an enterprise environment as my company uses other
firewall solution and our tech. support can NOT remote desktop to the user
machine. Is Microsoft forcing user to use their own Firewall product and not
3rd party one?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

I don't recommend disabling windows firewall even you have other firewall
running. However, if you do want to do it, you may try to enable the windows
firewall first and enable RDP. Then disable the firewall

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Jeffrey Randow

I think it is asking you if you want to make an exception for Windows

I don't use Vista's firewall on any network but public networks and I
never have not been able to turn on RD...

Also, in an enterprise environment, Remote Desktop can be
enabled/disabled via Group Policy that isn't tied in any manner to
Windows Firewall.

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