vista home basic recovery problems need help asap plese

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im a muppet plz help

i have a lap top that acidently got damged and neaded the hard drive
i am having problems reinstaling vista due to the fact that i did not get a
recovery disk with the lap top as the origanal hard drive was partitiond.

i do own another lap top with vista on it this is also a partitiond hard
drive this is a acer system and had a program to make a vista restore disk i
have done this and i installd it to my lap top that was damaged and it workd
fo 30 days then it askd me to enter a product key to activate the system i
enterd the corect product key and then it said conecting to internet but that
is as far as i can get as the lap top has not got the modem driver instald to
it but i canot do this unles i have operating system on to instal them. i
have contacted the suplier of the lap top and was told i either nead to buy
the full version of vista on disk from microsoft or get another product key
and then enter that as the pruduct key i was useing is registerd with one pc
and this breaches terms and conditons. i have now got 3 difernt product keys
and still after 30 days it says the prudoct key you have enterd is invalid
enter a valid product key this has gone on for aprox 3 month. ther must be a
way around this problem plz help as i dont belive i shold have to buy the
softwer wen thay used to give you a copy in the old times and i now own a
toatal of 3 systems two of wich are runig the third is the one i cant use i
have tried to down load a recovery program and put it onto disk but this does
not work i have also tried to put vista on an external but then i cant
install it to my lap top until i have a operating system to read the hard
drive and the files help plz

Mick Murphy

Each OEM pre-installed computer has to come with either a vista DVD, or a
Vista recovery partition installed.
Seeing as how you never made the Recovery Disks from the Recovery partition,
they might charge you a nominal fee for the disks.
Your Vista licence(Product Key) is still legitimate, as it is only a failed
Hard Drive.
Go to the computer Manufacturuer and demand your rights!

Rick Rogers


You can't use the recovery set from one laptop on another if they are
different makes/models. You need a recovery set that is specific to your
machine, and the must be obtained from the manufacturer (not the supplier
nor should you use a retail disk). They will likely charge you a small fee
for shipping the disks. You should already have a license for the use of
Vista either in the laptop documentation of affixed to the bottom of the
unit. As to activation, you will likely need to phone it in rather than use
the automated version.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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