Vista Home Basic cannot connect to a shared XP HP 1000 printer



I have a Windows XP Pro (sp-2) computer, with all the updates installed. I
have an HP 1000 printer shared connected to the XP computer.
When I try to "add a printer" on the Vista computer, the "Add Printer" sees
the printer, when I select the printer, Vista gives me the following error:
Cannot connect to printer: access denied.
I'm running AVG Internet Security v7.5 on both computers, configured for
"computers in domain". I have deactivated the AVG firewall on both computers.
Nothing seems to work.
I do not have a problem when I connect to another Vista home premium
computer, it sees the printer and connects to it's shared printer.
Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Ron Hughes

Mick Murphy

Have you run XP's File and Printer sharing wizard, so it knows it has to
share with the vista machine?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

You may want to add the printer as local first and remap it as network
printer. This how to may help.
How to add a local printer on Vista and remap it to a network printer - Many
Vista printer issues can be fixed by adding it as local printer and
recapture it as a network printer (check this link for more details: Vista
Print Issues.

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