Vista: Full of surprises



I'm new to Vista and haven't "disabled" UAC yet so am in the midst of
enduring all those nagging UAC pop-up boxes. Yes, I have TweakUAC
for that. Recently installed a talking dictionary application dated
from the 16 bit Windows era (1994) and to my surprise there wasn't a
single glitch or pop-up. There are no pop-ups when opening it either
and it actually works better on Vista than XP. Starts instantly on
Vista, takes forever to start on XP as though XP is debating whether
it should let it run. Didn't have to make any compatibility changes,
nothing, worked great "out-of-the-box". Are you telling me that this
program was properly signed from back in 1994? I find that hard to

Another surprise was a remote control software package from the late
nineties. Vista insisted that the package wasn't compatible with it
all through the installation but gave the option to
line, it installed properly and now works better on Vista than XP. No
pop-ups, no compatibility adjustments required, nothing.

Wonders never cease.





Most likely these programs you speak of are standalone programs and most if
not all will work just fine on many operating systems there were written
for. A standalone program requires no shared .dll's etc. etc., they work
from the files they install into their own directory.

All the best,

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