Vista fails to enter S1 or S3 sleep since installing Soundblaster X-Fi card



I've been having random (approx. 75%) problems getting Windows Vista
to enter either S1 or S3 sleep states since installing my new X-Fi
Fata1ity card. The card itself works great (would like to see Vista
supported software released soon). The system will attempt to enter a
sleep state but hangs with a black screen. Power fans continue to
run, etc. The system was working perfectly prior to installing the X-
Fi card. I suspect it is a driver notification issue of some sort.
My hardware is:

Intel D975XBX mainboard
4Gb DDR2 800 RAM
Radeon X1900GT
(2) WD Rapter 150Gb drives in RAID 0
X-Fi Fata1ity PCI card.

I'm using the 2.12.0012 driver on Vista Ultimate x86 edition.



Uncle Nobby


I have a X-FI card also, when I put the machine into sleep mode the screen
goes blank, the fans still run and it won't come out of it.
So you seem not to be on your own.


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