Vista does not identify Secondary monitor



..I have tried elsewhere in the community without any response. When I
attempted to connect a projector via VGA, Vista did not identify it and the
projector screen showed "no signal". I was advised by the projector people to
"fool" Vista by connecting a secondary monitor and Vista would set it up and
I could then connect the projector, which Vista would consider to be a
secondary monitor. While Vista does identify the secondary monitor all I
can get on its screen is at boot up ( the primary monitor is blank at this
point,) until the Vista logo appears (on both) then the secondary screen goes
blank (white) but then the normal fully booted desktop appears on my primary
monitor. I have yet to see any of the Windows set ups for making adjustments
other than the Display Properties. Both monitors have their latest drivers
according to Windows. What have I overlooked ?


My laptop has an FN key, pressing the FN and F8 key combonation switches the
monitors from the primary and secondary, ie projector. This might be your


Steve Thackery

And you've definitely got the "Extend my desktop onto this monitor" box



Yes. I should mention that I am using a desktop. One more thing, I seemingly
left the PC to attend to something else and when I returned both had entered
into the screensaver mode but BOTH monitors were flashing in and out
repeatedly. I assume all this indicates that the VGA output is operable but
somehow the extending of the desktop from the primary to the secondary
monitor is not. Thank you, Steve, anyway.

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