Vista Disk Defragmenter not working?



The Vista Disk Defrag doesn't seem to be working (CNTRL + SHIFT + ESC
shows it is loaded).

It is very slow.

Anybody else have this problem?


David B. Mathews

It is now a piece of junk. I bought Perfect disk 8 as I like to see what
the heck is going on and also I have 2 hard drives each are 1 terabytes and
the second one I use for backups, storing pictures & videos so it doesn't
need defragging and Vista doesn't give me that option. It's all or nothing.
I let it run over 8 hours while I was in bed and it was still going the next
morning and there was no way of telling if it was even doing its job.
Another screw up from Uncle Bill.


The only thing I can say about the Vista defrag is that it doesn't need 15%
free space to run it (unless you want it to actually defrag on the first run
*-w in cmdprompt* instead of the 10th time, but who hasn't got the time to
run it 10 times for the same result as 1?)


Leave the defrag alone, its doing just fine in Vista, it runs at all time in
the background as a low priority process keeping your Windows Vista system
in tip top shape. Its pretty cool stuff.

Very nice, but it would be nice to let the user know it's actually
running. I finally figured out--my Defrag is not running in Vista,
because apparently my hard disk does not need to be defragged at this
time. But it runs forever before I figured this out... another patch
to fix later.


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