Vista crashes when trying to install Pinnacle Studio Plus upgrade.



I have Vista Home 32 bit, latest updates, Dell XPS 400, 3 ghz with 4 gig
I'm trying to install Pinnacle Studio V11 plus upgrade from the DVD Pinnacle
sent. It is Vista comaptible.
Windows Explorer reads and lists the files on the DVD. Vista locks up when
trying to run the setup.exe if I either browse to the setup.exe or use
explorer. I try to run as an administrator but Vista still locks up. I have
to hard boot to when Vista locks up. Even task manager cannot end explorer
or the setup. Or if Vista auto starts the install, then Vista crashes and
the PC reboots automatically.
I have tried this install over a dozen times now.

Tiberius on Vista

try copying all the contents of the CD onto your desktop in a folder first
then run it from the folder...

also make sure the cd is clean, wipe dust smuges with a soft paper towel


That did not work. It started copying files then Vista crashed again and my
PC reboot automatically.

(Thanks for the reply but that was too obvious a solution. I think my
problem is much deeper than that. I think it's a Vista bug.)


Have you paid any attention to the task bar at the very bottom of the
screen. Watch it carefully.

As I said, watch it very carefully when you do ANY install. Vista requires
you to click on one of the bars that appears and click on it. This will
bring about a window for you to give security permission.

That bar at the task bar is silent (very unfortunately) but it give RED

Keep an eye on it.

Vista does not lock up. It waits for your answer.

Tiberius on Vista

try disabling your antivirus and do the copy

try a 3rd party file manager like xyplorer


Vista still crashes when it ask for security permision. Vista either locks
up when I try to start the setup.exe manually, then Explorer says it is not
responding. Or.... if the setup starts on it's on from the DVD, and I grant
permisions, then Vista crashes on its own.


Most of us are used to installing an application update over an existing
version of the program. Many of us download and install games and other
software frequently. Frequent installs and other program functioning often
fill up the Temporary File Folder and other installation sites on your hard
drive which prevents proper downloading and installing of new programs.
Regularly running a good unneeded file cleaner/shredder such as Ccleaner (see
link below) will help free up space for new installs.

For many programs in Vista, the old program or buildup of install/uninstall
debris must be completely removed before the update or new program can be
successfully installed and expected to function properly. Download and
installation of programs or updates sometimes fails, leaving broken install
debris. Normal uninstall processes on Vista are usually inadequate, often
leaving program remnant files and orphaned registry entries on your system.
Buildup of this install/uninstall debris can block normal program download
and installation, impair proper program functioning, generate any number of
error messages, and degrade Vista performance.

Complete removal of broken installs and incomplete uninstalls is essential
for normal program install and function processes to occur. You can do this
retroactively, after debris buildup has accumulated to the point of major
computer malfunction, using a good registry scanner/cleaner. It is preferred
to do this proactively, cleaning file remnants and registry entries after
each uninstall, preventing debris buildup. Proactively, you can remove this
install/uninstall debris manually with help from Windows Install CleanUp
Utility or you can use Smarty Uninstaller.

The best way to remove all the remnants of a partially uninstalled program
or a broken install is to use Smarty Uninstaller. This program will scan
your system and list all the programs on your computer, including "broken"
parts of programs. It will then run the program's uninstaller (if present),
and then rescan to list any pieces left on your system. Clicking Cleanup
will then remove all traces of your program and installation of the new or
update program can then proceed normally.

A link to Smarty Uninstaller and other information about install/uninstall
problems can be found at the following tutorial. For information on removing
an empty listing from your Programs and Features, see the second tutorial.
The third and fourth links are to good unneeded file removal and registry
scanner/cleaner programs. If the preceding doesn’t solve your problem, see
the fifth link about your Repair Vista Options; you may need to fix system
file problems.


I can't get to the nirsoft site. My network classifies that web site as
content categorization: "Hacking;Software Downloads"


I have plenty of space on my machine. I will check on the space, but your
explanation does not take into account that Vista is crashing and rebooting
itself when setup.exe is run.

I actually am in the software business, and my main job is writing
InstallShield software installations. I have never run into an issue where
setup.exe causes an operating systems to crash, blue screen, and reboot

I'm starting to think Skynet wrote Vista.

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