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I am testing out vista for my office and I have installed it on my labtop, I
have been able to add it to my domain (that is controlled by a windows 2003
SBS Premiun edition) but my user profile is not saved on my computer but save
in the temp files. I closed my pc last nite and came back today to find all
my work was missing...and I can change his profile to be a local on, it only
saves it as a temparary profile.

Can someone please help me with this!!!



Troy McClure

sounds like the domain account youre logging on with doesnt have the
necessary local permissions to create a profile. log on local to the laptop
and make your domain account a member of the local admins group


Hi Troy,

How may I do this, I have added him but where to I go to add him as a local
admins group?

Kerry Brown

Right click Computer, Pick Manage, Click Continue on the UAC prompt, expand
Local Users and Groups, click on Groups, double click on Administrators,
click on Add, type the first couple of letters of the domain user name,
click on Check Names, pick the right user from the list and click on OK.
This will add the domain user to the local admin group.



Bruce Sanderson

Any user account, domain or not, will get a profile created when they logon
the first time; there is no need to add the domain user account to the local
Administrators group and I suggest this is not really a good idea.

SBS does some interesting things with respect to client computers, joining
the SBS Domain etc.. I suggest looking in the newsgroup, the KB article suggested by
Kerry Brown ( and the SBS blog at
for any issues with Vista and SBS.

Ronnie Vernon MVP


Why are you posting a message that quotes another message from a completely
different thread and with a link to an article that is 16 months old? Was
there a point to this?



Chad Harris

Absloutely Ronnie. I want people to be able to fix Vista, fast and
relatively hassle free whether the problem is a no boot problem or a
systemic problem with broken components in Vista. One substantive adjucnct
toward doing this (and somewhat analagous to a Repair Install in
XP--particularly the need for an OS DVD to access Win RE in Vista and a
Repair Inatall in XP) is Win RE. You need the DVD.

It is well known and you won't get them to talk about it at any level, that
MSFT's OEM Division led by Vice President Scott Di Valierio, who has no
formal computer hdw or software training, forces computer makers into not
shipping a Vista DVD or XP CD when they sell preinstalled Vista or XP--and
this is a major way Vista is bought by the public as you know.

When they have a need to repair Vista, they are out in the cold as to Win
RE. Since the OEMs would have to work out an arrangement to pay MSFT for
Win RE, and since they haven't had the brains to do so, and MSFT doesn't
want anyone getting a Vista DVD or XP CD unless they buy retail, since their
retail Windows sails has plumetted 20% the last 2 quarters.

Branningan uses stilted language to assert that

1) Recovery Discs and partitions work perfectly (and they don't work worth a
damn). He sites nothing to back this up. I've worked with hundreds of
people to fix no boot XP and many to fix no boot Vista. A Repair Install in
XP or having Win RE in Vista will work when nearly nothing else will,. If
you think the bell shaped curve of users are using Bart PE or Linux to fix
Vista, think again. Using both of those takes significant time and some

2) Brannigan asserts that the Repair Install in XP is very risky and
complicated. Wrong on both counts. I've taught grade school school to do
repair installs on their parents' pcs.

3) Branningan worked for MSFT for a good while and was all over every
newsgroup that moved as Mike Brannigan [MSFT]. He has always taken the MSFT
party line to a sycophantic extent.

It amuses me to hear Softies say, and all the ones from Redmond do when you
talk to them in person, that we welcome criticism. I'll show you one dark
corner or underbelly where they have nothing whatsoever to say and where
they do not want to go.

They don't want to talk about MSFT's policy of screwing their customers who
buy OEM preloaded XP or Vista out of the major tools to repair either
OS--and they are statistically way superior to any crap Recovery Disk or
partition made by an OEM.

I haven't heard Branningan say yet specifically that Vista Win RE is risky
and complicated. He has yet to talk about Win RE except to keep jumping up
and down and saying that the OEMs have no obligation to send you what works
to fix you.

Of course they have no obligation. MSFT forced them into a contract where
they can't ship an OS DVD. Dell stood up and said no. Dell sold Google
space in their setup and on a desktop for an OEM Dell Vista, and MSFT wasn't
thrilled about it. It dents the monopoly.


I can't wait for you to tell me how you access Win RE without a Vista DVD or
hear you say it has no value. The Win RE team seems to think it does and
they are blogging on it.

Where do you get Win RE--and I'm not talking about someone sitting in an
enterprise or medium sized company who worked out a tailored solution for it
with MSFT. I don't see Win RE being sold as a stand alone at the local 7-11
or Majic Mart.

MSFT has chosen during XP and now during Vista to screw the customer out of
what they developed to fix Vista because of Greed. Brannigan thinks this is

Again if these crap recovery discs are all that, why are we seeing thousands
of posts that people can't fix their OS with them? And another question:
Since MSFT spent money on the salaries of the Win RE team to develop, and
Jim Allchin made it a point to blog on it, ask Jim Allchin or anyone else
why they screwed so many people out of it.

You see Jill Zoeller and Darrell Gorter from the File Core Services Team and
the Vista Setup team respectively on here all the time. You'll never see
Darrell or Jill say a word about the fact that MSFT consciously is screwing
the vast majority of their customers, the OEM box buyer out of a Vista DVD.

I've invited them to comment on it since here and on the Beta groups and not
a squeak out of them.




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