Vista black screen and cursor after login



Hi there,

I installed some updates for Vista Enterprise yesterday (the 10th of
October) prior to leaving the office. When I returned this morning
(the 11th), turned my machine on, I got to the Windows login screen,
was able to logon, however, instead of a desktop, I receive a black
screen with a cursor that I can move around.

I've searched the groups, google, etc, the common message seems to be
to press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and close/start explorer.exe. However, when I
press CTRL-ALT-DEL, the only options I'm given is to "Lock This
Computer", "Switch Users", "Logoff" and "Change a password". I can
also shutdown the computer. There is no option for task manager.

I've tried rebooting into Safe Mode with the same result (I see the
Safe mode banner after login, but nothing else). "Last known good
configuration" also yielded the same result (it didn't work). Enabling
Default VGA mode was the same and didn't work as well.

I am now fully locked from my computer and have no idea how to get
back. All this because of some damn Windows update (I was running
Vista fine for a few months prior to this happening).

Need some help please.



I have the same issue. I am using Vista Premium and I did the installation



Install USB Cumulative update in KB941600. I had the same issue with
Ultimate and after the third black screen with cursor I BSOD and it pulled
this update. I have had zero problems since.



How ironic! That happened to me just two hours ago! The cause of my problem
(and probably your problem too) is that Windows Explorer (the program that
shows the taskbar, folders, icons, Start menu, etc.) had failed to open. Your
best solution is to:

2.) Select "Start Task Manager"
3.) In "Task Manger", select "File/New Task (Run)"
4.) Type in "explorer" (being "Windows Explorer)
5.) Press ENTER.

Everything including your wallpaper should show up immediately. Let me know
if this helps!


The problem is, when I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL I don't see the task manager :

It's not an option.

Cal Bear '66

If you right click on the Taskbar, Task Manager is an option.

I Bleed Blue and Gold


That would open Task Manager, but this is a situation where the taskbar is


When you hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE, you didn't see a screen appear with five
different options to choose from, one of them being opening Task Manager?


I have the same problem.

Please note from the original post.
CTRL-ALT-DELETE brings you back to the log-on screen with the following
- Lock this computer
- Switch users
- Logoff
- Change a passowrd...

Anyone found a solution to this problem yet?

Gary Senior

OK dudes, here's my fix for my Vista home premium black screen during boot.
After booting up and getting to logon screen and logging on, it goes to a
black screen. I hit alt-ctrl-delete to bring up the task manager option.
When task manager comes up I go to the run option and type explorer.exe and
the computer finishes booting. The permanent fix is going to the registry
and changing this: remove C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ntndis.exe from


Anazing! you are having the same issues i have, i cant see my logon screen
when logging in my 1st OS (my original


Hi All,
have been stuck with this for a few days and really it is a very simple
solution, providing you can get explore to run.
Look in the root directory of the "C" drive at a file called "wialog" this
is a text file that records the service that fail to load and most likely
will show you the root cause.
In the recent update there was (for me) an update for the flat bed scanner.
This showed up as failing to load.
Therefore, right click on the "Computer" drive, select properties and then
device manager and unistall the offending hardware.
Windows should now re-boot ok.
Hope this helps, as it did for me.

Paul Montgomery

What happened for me is the following:I had just fixed the notepad opens
everything problem using regedit going in there and deleting the problem
I rebooted once everything was fine I was on the computer for a too long
amount of time watching anime as I am a teenager lol but anyway so then
I am going to sleep and I then I open the windows media open thingy that
records your programs then it says the registry has stopped working so I
restart my computer thinking that it would be fine once it restarts and
I just force my self to sleep when I wake up I login bam black
screen.... I tried opening task manager doesnt work just has the circle
loading and then goes away so if someone can figure this out I would
appreciate it deeply
Thank You

If you've run out of periods and commas I can loan you some.

I also have some spare paragraph breaks.


Rule #1, make a restore point or backup before you make any change to the
registry. Did you do this??

John Galt

RLM09 said:
Did you have to do anything to stop this happening again ?

Are you asking this of someone who last posted in 2007 or someone who
last posted in 2008?

SC Tom

John Galt said:
Are you asking this of someone who last posted in 2007 or someone who
last posted in 2008?

American dating, not European. They were originally posted in July (jefry)
and August (eric), this year :)

John Galt

SC Tom said:
Those must have fallen off the server in Outlook Express and the ISP I use.
I don't do Google groups- OE is so much easier.
I stand corrected- I didn't see the earlier posts.

I don't use Google Groups either... except to lookup a thread when
some bozo posts a reply without quoting, and I can't find the thread
in the two weeks of posts I keep here.

Louie Pham

I'm having the same problem, I boot up Vista, I get the logo and the
little jingle, then when I get to the login screen that does not appear
and instead its just a black screen with the cursor.

I've tried ctrl-alt-del, I get nothing.

I've tried ctrl-shft-esc, I get nothing.

I have a packard bell- and I tried the system restore at startup. When
I did that, the login screen DID flash up momentarily the first time I
booted up after the restore.

However, the screen soon went black again and allows me to do NOTHING.
Any help is appreciated!

I seen this before because either your primary partition or logical
partition have error, and Vista try to check it before fully boot.
Also if you have an external HD it also had slow it down too. If you
have a second HD or External HD, then either unplug or turn off before
boot. It happen to me last month, and I was able to correct by doing
this. Good Luck.

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