Vista assigns IP address when setting up static IP



Hi all,

I need networking help in getting my home webserver up and running.

Im trying to get my home webserver going (either IIS or Apache), but first
I cannot even get my static IP setup in my home network. Vista assigns a IP address automatically whenever I try to do this. I've heard that a
disconnected or bad network cable can cause this, However, I did replace the
CAT 5 cable to the home router, but the network setup still adds to
my fixed ip address. It in fact uses it instead of the one I programmed
in... In addition the networking stops working. Does anyone
know what this might be causing this...Vista tells me that its a misconfig in
the networking gateway and that the subnet is wrong.

here is my current setup again:

-use as my dynamic dns providor, with as my
website / host name.

-DSL service provided by ATT/SBC, which have dns servers available called: and, respectively.

-Speedstream brand DSL modem with dynamically addressed external IP and internal IP.

-Linksys WRT54GX2 wireless router connected to upstream DSL modem and 4
downstream items (2 computers, 1 webcam, and 1 xbox). Internal IP for router
is is the only IP it has, to my knowledge. Router is
configured for DHCP for IP addresses through
Router is configured to automatically update DynDNS DDNS service with changes
to modem's external ip automatically via special software application. I also
entered the above mentioned ATT/SBC DNS servers under 'external dns servers'
dialogue box. Also, I configured router "port forwarding" to forward TCP
requests on port 80 to internal ip and port 50000 requests to
internal ip (my webcam)

-all network connections via wired cat 5 cable.

-Home Web server: Vista SP1 on a Sony VAIO computer. I configured network
adapter to have fixed IP: on subnet and to have
DNS servers and Web server is Apache, if that may
be of interest to you.

So there it should webcam works ok, but not my website.

thanks for your interest,



Can you confirm if DCHP is enabled on the router.
Can you ping the router
If you are assigning Static IPs, check that you don't have two units using
the same config.
Read the dchp router assigned table and check for errors

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

I am not sure this is the same issue. Check the following link or post the
result of ipconfig /all.
Vista Gateway is
The solutions of Vista computer default gateway are 1) reset
it by using route delete command; 2) Disable IPv6; 3) install new
firmware for ...

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